Services to other operators: research, development and consulting

This second line of action, still in development, involves the commercialization of services to other institutions and farmers who have no direct relationship with the SembrarSartawi Foundation. One of its initial activities will be the generation of databases with information relevant for rural development (agribusiness).

SEMBRAR Institute is growing in national and international recognition, and is now seen as a leader in the field of assessing the social impact of agricultural microfinance operations in Bolivia and throughout Latin America. This capability to certify organizations and microenterprises also enables SEMBRAR Institute to remain a major force for economic and social good in the country.

In the medium term, SEMBRAR Institute will initiate local training activities and transfer of experiences and knowledge to key entities involved in rural development. The systematization of experiences and knowledge on the three pillars that form the platform of our efforts will serve as an accelerant for the education of professionals as well. Even as it considers partnerships and alliances with other institutions, SEMBRAR Institute is poised to become the largest supplier of specialized training in rural development.


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