Market Access

Technical assistance activities are not enough if producers do not have available markets where they can sell their production. In this regard, SEMBRAR Institute provides information about markets, product prices, input prices, international trends, and other important variables. The mechanism in this effort focuses primarily on strengthening partnerships with providers of information and inputs, such as alliances with NGOs , f oundations for r ural d evelopment, local governments, universities, international agencies, and others.

The diffusion of information on prices in the markets they have access to allows producers a better position in which to negotiate the sale of their products. As a result, we provide accurate prices for the most important agricultural products in the markets our clients attend.

We also work in partnership structuring with companies that purchase these farmers’ products, contributing to the accessibility of more dynamic markets within their reach.

This enabling of market access creates   a virtuous circle where the small farmer is able to access financial resources, can purchase high- qu ality inputs, and/or make investments. At the same time, with technical support, the farmer can produce better, and consequently, sell better.

In the end, the farmer is in a position to pay his credit without problems. In this sense, our follow-up activities and comprehensive approach are important in mitigating risks for both the Foundation SembrarSartawi and the producer itself.


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