Who We Are    


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of Bolivia’s rural producers, primarily growers, in a comprehensive way. We seek to do so by using four means: by support them with appropriate, viable technologies ; by enabling technology transfer; by establishing access to markets; and by making crucial information available. These four mechanisms dovetail with another goal: improving producers’ productivity and marketability. In this way we contribute to strengthening the food supply and availability throughout the country.

Additionally, our mission calls for continually  strengthening the SembrarSartawi Foundation to provide Bolivian farmers better access to financing. Apart from its practical advantages , our example also helps in encouraging others to develop an exemplary social commitment to microfinance as a means of fighting against poverty.

Finally, our mission is forward-looking: We support new generations of talented professionals in the area of rural microfinance development for the 21st century.


SEMBRAR Institute is the most important institution of agricultural and forestry development in rural Bolivia. We are fully committed to partnering with producers who have successful production capabilities.

We are the leading manager of technical information needed to improve agricultural productivity.


2512 Sánchez Lima Street , Sopocachi
Melissa Building, Mezanine A
Telephone.: (591) 2 –2425034
E-mail: info@sembrarsartawi.org

La Paz - Bolivia