Who We Are    


SEMBRAR Institute is a nonprofit Bolivian organization, committed to rural and agricultural development in the country. Our roots can be traced to the 1980 s , when we helped create the two most successful micro financ e institutions in Bolivia , Banco Sol and FFP Prodem .

Banco Sol was created in 1992 as the first private commercial institution specializing in microfinance in Latin America. Since its inception, Banco Sol has been rated as the best entity in the Bolivian banking system, standing out for its growth, coverage and institutional performance.

The same group of leaders created FFP Prodem, another microfinance organization, with a clear emphasis on serv ing rural producers. FFP Prodem recently was sold after several years of successful operation. The proceeds from that sale were used to create Another foundations,, one of them is SEMBRAR Institute.

In the past few years, the Prodem Foundation  (now known as the S olydes Foundation) has, in turn, created other foundations, one of which is SEMBRAR Institute. This entity has a mission to fulfill the financial, technological and knowledge needs of rural areas, particularly in the agricultural sector.

To accomplish this, SEMBRAR Institute has made significant financial contributions to the SembrarSartawi Foundation, with the aim of strengthening its success. Currently, the SembrarS artawi Foundation has more than 65% of its portfolio allocated to small producers working  in the agricultural sector.

Our track record reveals an undeniable social commitment that has guided our actions for more than two decades of institutional initiatives, culminating in what is now known as SEMBRAR Institute.

SEMBRAR Institute is a separate organization from the SembrarSartawi Foundation, but we are united by our common goals . This means that we cooperate and complement each other in our work, and often unite to assume challenges where our skills can come together towards reaching a common goal.


2512 Sánchez Lima Street , Sopocachi
Melissa Building, Mezanine A
Telephone.: (591) 2 –2425034
E-mail: info@sembrarsartawi.org

La Paz - Bolivia