SEMBRAR Institute is a Bolivian nonprofit entity whose mission is to fight poverty, help ensure food availability for vulnerable populations - specifically those in rural areas  - and significantly support the development of the country’s agricultural sector. Our roots go back to the 1980 s, when we helped create the two most successful micro finance institutions in Bolivia, Banco Sol and FFP Prodem .

Since then, SEMBRAR Institute has continually developed a comprehensive array of methods to serve small farmers . On the one hand, we provide access to finance through our sister organization, the SembrarSartawi Foundation; on the other, we provide complementary technical assistance, training, and access to market information for all producers. With this dual approach, SEMBRAR as a whole contributes substantially to help overcome the many challenges these groups face, such as low productivity , poor marketing , and exclusion from knowledge and information. Finance alone is not enough, a comprehensive intervention is also needed, one that enables credit extended to help the producer expand production and generate more profit.

With our support services in technologies, training, and consulting for market access information, SEMBRAR Institute creates an integrated platform. Together with the funding provided by the SembrarSartawi Foundation, these services interact to achieve favorable results for the producer, and make for a more meaningful dialogue and exchange of knowledge at every point along the value chain .

Jorge Crespo Velasco
SEMBRAR Institute


2512 Sánchez Lima Street , Sopocachi
Melissa Building, Mezanine A
Telephone.: (591) 2 –2425034
E-mail: info@sembrarsartawi.org

La Paz - Bolivia