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Bolivia is characterized by a severe land distribution problem. There are about one million agro-economic (i.e., “farm”) units of varying sizespread throughout the country.

It is estimated that some 70% of the country’s agro-economic units are less than 5 hectares (12.3 acres) in size. Another 16% cover an area between 5 and 20 hectares (12.3 and 49.4 acres ) in size. These two groups account for 86% of Bolivia’s agro-economic units.

The target market of the Sembrarsartawi Foundation is the producer with a land property close to 20 hectares (49.4 acres). Agr o-economic units of this size and larger have the highest potential to generate a marketable surplus so that their producers can become eligible for credit.

During the first phase of operation, Sembrar Sartawi Foundation’s customers are the focus of technical assistance (provided by SEMBRAR Institute), and receive support in access ing markets as well as constructive feedback to enhance farmers’ productivity.

Our goal within the next seven years is to reach 200, 000 agro-economic units with SEMBRAR Institute’s technical assistance services . We see the owners of these properties as potential customers of our sister organization, the SembrarSartawi Foundation, which provide s speciali zed financial services.

Source: Based on information from the Millennium Foundation


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