The results obtained for 2011 are essentially related to the quantification of the adoption rate of better production practices in the areas of milk, potato seed and potato for consumption.

The results obtained in the municipality of Patacamaya with its milk producers in the first phase are the following.

- A total of 320 families in seven communities within the municipality have received support from Sembrar Institute.
- On average, each family has increased 2000 m² (6562 sq. ft.) in the area of forage crops produced.
- Each family has adopted an average of three new varieties of forage, including alf alfa, barley and oats.
- With the participation of Sembrar Institute, producers have built 16 storage silos for forage in the area of intervention.
- At least 90% of the farmers served are currently using suitable containers in the milking process.
- 100% of farmers comply with applicable hygiene conditions at milking time.

The results obtained in the municipality of Cairoma with potato seed and potato for consumption are the following.

- A total of 380 families in seven communities, located in two agro-ecological zones of the municipality, were served.
- 40% of the assisted farmers have modernized their agricultural implements used for potato production.
- 100% of farmers use the i ntegrated pest and disease practice delivered by Sembrar Institute.
- 10 technological innovations have been selected and documented as best practices. This is a result of the dialogue between farmers (employing traditional knowledge) and Sembrar’s technicians (employing modern technical concepts).
- 400 farmers are fully trained to produce in a sustainable manner, applying a partnership approach.
- 200 farmers (both customers and non-customers of the Foundation SembrarSartawi ) are fully capable of applying better management practices, which result in an increase in production and productivity.
- Family farmers have identified four new markets for the sale of agricultural products, especially potatoes.

This has led directly to the improvement of the competitiveness of potato farmers in Cairoma as they now have effective access to additional markets.


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